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We as a company have performance opportunities that are available with the Northwest Michigan Ballet Theatre. The theatre gives us and you a great chance to expose the live ballet-theatre environment to theatre new comers, and theatre lovers of all ages. Our auditions for the Ballet Theatre are open to all intermediate and advanced level students ages 9-18. This non-profit company performs an annual full-length ballet production as well as holding an elementary school outreach-touring program.

One of our goals is for each of our talented students to feel comfortable and at home with us at all times. We want each student to have the choice to grow in whichever way they choose to, and be proud of their efforts and progress. Along with these goals, we want the students that decide to build a career to have a great foundation behind them, and for us to be a part of that foundation. If what we do as a company, team, and family is an interest to you or a passion of yours, we welcome you to come join us


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The Northwest Michigan Ballet Theatre will present “The Princess Peony” February 4th, 2017 at the Dennos Museum Center-Milliken Auditorium. The ballet is based on an old Japanese folk tale about the Princess Aya whose father has arranged a marriage engagement for her with the son of a neighboring warlord. One day while dancing among the peonies, she slips and almost falls into the pond only to be rescued by a handsome young Samurai who suddenly vanishes. When the princess becomes heartsick, her maidens try to lift her spirits with music and dancing in the garden. Although betrothed to another, Aya’s heart belongs to the young Samurai.

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